Self before service when it comes to local elections?

No votes for being a local councillor.

VOTERS will not been be rushing to stand at the polls for this year’s local town council elections so there could be plenty of empty seats.

A resounding ‘no’ was echoed amongst shoppers on the streets of Honiton with many put off by the time involved in sitting on the council while others felt decisions were often hindered by party politics and individual agendas.

Don Anders, 75, of Honiton said: “No, I wouldn’t stand for election although I haven’t really thought about it.

“I’ve just moved to Honiton so it would be quite unsuitable.

“I am sure people have a strong urge to do the best for the society they live in but I think it is very difficult to get people to agree as they have their own agendas and party policy.

“It is not for me.”

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John Carr, 65, of Sheldon said: “No, I wouldn’t stand for election for town or parish elections. It is too time consuming and too many outside interests.”

Tim Porosa, aged 55 said: “I have never thought about running for my town council. It seems like to much hard work with all the time involved. I would like to leave that to someone else.

“We all complain about things that are wrong in the community but I think if people are willing to stand then they have got a right to complain.”

Lauren Smart, 25, of Honiton said: “I would have run for the town council and I may think about it when my kids are older.

“It is just because I don’t have the time because I have got two little ones to look after.

“I would like to get more involved and try and have more of an affect on what goes on.”

Gayle Charleton, 35, of Honiton said: “I think at the moment people don’t have a lot of faith in local councils with shops closing.

“I think people do have a right to complain because we are paid to. We have fought for years for freedom of speech.”

“No I wouldn’t stand for election – I’m a follower not a leader.”

Tony Stride aged 80 said: “I wouldn’t run for my local council I’m just a bit too old maybe if you took 20 years away I might.

“I think experienced people that have just retired have more time and background experience of work and life, which make them ideal candidates.

“People that are still active make better councillors.”

David O’Brien, 54, of Exeter said: “No, I wouldn’t be a councillor again.

“It was quite an enjoyable experience but I wish it was independent rather than party political.”