Sentence adjourned for Seaton man

20-year-old warned to stay out of trouble after committing a number of offences.

A man has been warned to stay out of trouble after committing a number of offences in Seaton and Honiton.

Alexander John Carey, of the Burrow, pleaded guilty to using threatening words and behaviour and sending an electronic communications message that was offensive, obscene or menacing, when he appeared at Central Devon Magistrates’ Court last Wednesday afternoon.

He also admitted aggravated vehicle taking and vehicle damage, driving whilst disqualified and without third party insurance, as well as driving under the influence at Honiton.

At an earlier hearing, the 20-year-old was found guilty of assaulting his ex-girlfriend in Seaton on May 2.

Prosecuting Felicity Payne said that 45 minutes after the incident, the complainant received a “malicious” text message, which was “predetermined to upset her”.

It said: “You’re a f***ing s**g, I’m getting someone to kick your f***ing head in. I swear on your life you’re going to get a proper kicking. I’m going to make your life hell. Smash every boyfriend you’ve got. I’ve rung the police again - this time I’m going to get you f***ing done. I swear on your dog’s life.”

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Carey was also involved in an incident where he caused alarm and distress in Seaton on April 12, at 10pm, in Harbour Road.

Miss Payne said a young man was waiting with his girlfriend who was getting a lift home.

Carey and a friend were hanging out of a window and started yelling at the couple.

The young man said “What the f**k are you saying?” to which Carey responded “Do you want me to come and smack you with a pole?”.

The young man went back to his flat. Miss Payne told the court the defendant, along with a friend, ran outside of the block of flats with what was described as a pole. The police were called.

On June 22, Carey was arrested for aggravated vehicle taking and criminal damage in Honiton. Miss Payne said the defendant was also found to be driving whilst under the influence of alcohol after providing a positive breath test and was taken into custody.

She said Carey was with his then girlfriend, visiting friends in Honiton. She was driving her mother’s car and had been told the defendant was not to drive it.

During the evening he had consumed alcohol and was described as being drunk.

When he left with his girlfriend, he grabbed the keys and drove towards a house before reversing into a flatbed lorry – smashing the rear of the Nissan car. Following his arrest, police also discovered Carey was disqualified from driving.

During proceedings, the probation service made a request that the defendant’s community order of 100 hours of unpaid work be revised.

Mr Jeremy Tricks, defending, raised concerns about Carey’s drinking and said: “Something massive has gone wrong. Alcohol has become more and more involved in that period of time. Suddenly it has got to a level where it is controlling him rather than the other way around.”

Proceedings were adjourned for a pre-sentence report to be prepared. He was remanded on conditional bail until August 28.