Sentence ‘no punishment’ says horse owner

Linda is outraged.

The owner of the horse killed on a road in Sidbury by a pensioner has called his �215 fine ‘disgusting’.

Linda Newton, landlord at the Blue Ball in Sidford, said the punishment handed down to 80 year-old David Herridge for killing her horse ‘Front Page’ wasn’t good enough.

Herridge was only fined after pleading guilty to driving without due car and attention and failing to stop following a collision.

She said: “I don’t think this is any punishment for what he did, he drove off and left a woman who could have been killed on the road.”

The trainer of the promising point-to-point horse, Monique Pike, was similarly angry with the decision of Central Devon magistrates last week. She said: “I am absolutely appalled with the decision, you are either in full control of a vehicle or you’re not, his age shouldn’t come into it.”

Herridge was also nominally disqualified from driving but his lawyer had already made it clear he doesn’t intend to drive again following the accident.

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Mrs Newton said: “He didn’t even say sorry for what he did, he kept telling people he hit a tree. You don’t hit a horse and rider and drive with a smashed windscreen and blood on your car without knowing it.”

She feels the sentence was too lenient and a custodial sentence for Herridge would have been more appropriate.

Mrs Pike echoed her sentiment: “We accept that accidents happen, but what disappoints me is that he didn’t take responsibility for his actions.”