Sewerage works gives Honiton woman sleepless nights

Resident invests in ear plugs to get some kip.

A HONITON woman claims she is being kept awake at night because of noise from a nearby sewerage works.

Jo Palmer, who lives in Beggars Lane, has been enjoying less than a peaceful night’s sleep, she says.

“The noise has got worse over the last couple of weeks and something needs to be done about it,” said Mrs Palmer.

“It wakes me up twice during the night, usually at about 3.30am, and the noise goes on for about 20 minutes.”

South West Water has apologised for any inconvenience, but says it has received no other complaints about the facility.

The problem has got progressively worse, according to Mrs Palmer, and has prompted her to wear earplugs.

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“I’ve got to sleep with ear plugs in, because the problem is really bad,” Mrs Palmer added.

“Our bedroom faces towards the direction of the treatment works but I am sure that other people are bound to hear it in the area.”

A spokeswoman from South West Water said: “We’re sorry if this customer has been inconvenienced.

“Treating sewage is not a silent process, but we are not aware of any other complaints about this particular site.

“We do aim to make our sites unobtrusive and as quiet as possible.

“If noise or smell is consistently raised as an issue by those close to one of our sites, we will look at possible mitigating action.”

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