Sex offender disclosure scheme launched

A sex offender disclosure scheme has been launch today by Devon and Cornwall Constabulary.

DEVON and Cornwall Police have today launched a child sex offender disclosure scheme.

The scheme allows people with concerns about an individual who has got contact with a child to ask police if that person has a record for sex offences against children.

A parent, carer, guardian, or another interested party, can check the background of someone who has access to their children as part of the disclosure scheme.

DCI David Thorne, who has led the scheme’s implementation, said: “The Force is well aware that asking for information about a person who has close contact with children can be very sensitive and dedicated officers have received in-depth training to ensure any request is handled in the most appropriate way.

“Once contact has been made, officers and those making the enquiry can agree the best way to take the matter forward including where, when and how further discussions will take place. This may involve partners in other statutory and voluntary agencies who keep children safe.”

To make a disclosure application call police on 8452 777444.