Sexy chit-chat keeps Honiton family awake

Tesco takes action to reduce late night noise.

Bosses from Tesco are to meet with a Honiton couple, who claim they cannot sleep at night because of banter from staff during deliveries.

Nicholas and Claire Curram, of Ware Court, say they can hear everything - from laughter to love life details - when Tesco staff get chatting in the early hours.

Father-of-four Nicholas, 30, says: “We’ve heard all sorts. My eldest son has heard a few things I’m not particularly pleased about.”

A spokesman for Tesco told the Midweek Herald: “We are sorry to hear that Mr and Mrs Curram have been having problems.

“We have reiterated to all delivery staff that noise is to be kept to an absolute minimum.”

The Currams and their four children, aged between four and eight, have lived in a property next to Tesco for over three years.

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They say they were made aware of potential noise from the beginning, but have only found it a problem over the past 18 months.

“The lorry movements don’t bother us, because it is a familiar sound,” said housewife Mrs Curram, 28.

“We hear everything from foul language to details of their latest conquests. It is not what you want to hear at 1am outside your bedroom window.”

Mrs Curram has complained in person at the store on four occasions, but says the problem has yet to be resolved - although Tesco acknowledged one of her complaints with a letter.

She and her husband moved to a front bedroom, but failed to escape the noise. They say, they then switched to sleeping on a mattress on the living room floor.

“I’m tired and we can’t function properly,” Mrs Curram said.

Mr Curram works in a warehouse and said: “You don’t mind so much in the day; you expect it. All we want is to be able to go to sleep and not have the worry of the noise.”

The couple claim, on a busy night, Tesco can take up to six deliveries.

They say, they suffer more in the summer - when their windows are open.

If the situation is not resolved, the Currams plan to move house.

Tesco formally re-opened its Honiton store with a ribbon cutting ceremony last week following improvements.

Leading lights from Honiton Memory Cafe were invited to do the honours.

Tesco representatives then presented them with a cheque for �1,000 to support the cafe’s soon-to-be-introduced more frequent meetings.

Tesco’s 2011 charity is the Alzheimer’s Society.