Sheep dung clue to Lyme intruders

Can ewe help police track down villains?

POLICE at Lyme Regis are hoping to sniff out two villains – who trod in something smelly.

They are on the trail of would-be thieves who broke into the pitch and putt hut at Strawberry Field.

Officers say the area was covered in sheep droppings – and they would almost certainly have had a lot of it on their shoes.

Community Beat Manager PC Richard Winward said: “It seems likely there were two offenders. They cut one padlock and partially lifted a section of roof up to look inside, causing damage to the wooden roof and felt.

“Nothing was actually stolen as there is nothing of high value stored there.

“The offenders footwear would have been covered with sheep dung as the field is used for grazing in the winter.”

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“The burglary was reported at 9am on Sunday, so occurred during the days before that.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact PC Winward on 01305 222222.