Shot dogs found by retired farmer, Shute

A PASSER-BY in Shute Woods found two dogs shot dead.

A PASSER-BY in Shute Woods found two dogs shot dead.

Thomas Busby was walking through the area when he came across the animals, which he described as Staffordshire/terrier type dogs.

Mr Busby, from Willhayes Park, in Axminster, made the find at around 10am on Wednesday, October 14.

He said: "It upset me because I had my two dogs - and they were going to go sniffing around.

"To see them there was really horrible. They did look as if they'd been shot, lying on the bank, obviously shot together."

Police were called out but the dogs had been moved when they got there, less than two hours later. They were later found below the bank, covered in leaves.

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A Kilmington resident, who does not wish to be named, said they saw the dogs running unaccompanied through Shute Woods the day before.

Sergeant Pete Trudgeon said: "Two dogs have been located. They appear to have been shot.

"We are waiting to speak to who we believe is the owner.

"We believe the dogs may have been loose in the fields, where recently sheep have been attacked.