Honiton TRIP charity pledges: ‘We won’t stop’

Neil Hurlock of TRIP in Honiton. Ref mhh 42 19TI 2222. Picture: Terry Ife

Neil Hurlock of TRIP in Honiton. Ref mhh 42 19TI 2222. Picture: Terry Ife - Credit: Archant

A Honiton community transport charity delivering hot meals to isolated and disabled residents says it will only stop when the Government tells it to. `

Staff and volunteers from TRIP, in New Street, are bringing vital resources to people who are self-isolating amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The charity’s generosity is part of a larger scheme, organised by Honiton Dementia Action Alliance chair Heather Penwarden, to bring relief to dozens of people in the town as the country goes into lockdown.

TRIP is delivering meals on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays to vulnerable people, and is only asking for people to pay the cost of food - plus an optional donation.

The charity’s pledge comes a day after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a country-wide lockdown.

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The PM announced new restrictions on people leaving their homes and ordered shops to close in a bid to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

In an speech to the nation on Monday evening (March 23), Mr Johnson said he was giving the British people a simple instruction - stay at home.

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He also announced the closure of all shops selling ‘non-essential goods’ including clothing and electrical items, libraries, playgrounds outdoor gyms and places of worship.

The decision has been supported by Neil Hurlock, manager of TRIP, who said Mr Johnson was left with little choice because of people flaunting government advice and still going outside.

He said: “Had the people who went to the beach and national parks at the weekend not done so, we probably would not be in the lockdown we are in now.

“The sensible people were self-isolating already - it’s just the people that think they are not going to automatically affected who are bringing it down for everyone.”

Mr Hurlock said TRIP is doing its best to mitigate the impact of the country-wide lockdown on people who are isolated, elderly and vulnerable.

He added: “We hope they are not affected, and we do not want them to go hungry.”

For more information about meal deliveries by TRIP, call the offices on 01404 46529 or email coronavirusupdates@tripcta.org police targeted patrosl to ensure boris restrictions

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