Shute man focusing on music

A SHUTE man has quit amateur dramatics after 10 years of performances to focus on his music.

John Currall,31, kicked off his music career when he worked with Ian Gillan from Deep Purple in 1999, for Axminster Rock Music Society (ARMS).

He recently acted in The Wizard of Oz production but said he now wants to concentrate on singing and song-writing.

John said: “I’m excited about the music and it’s going well. We’re causing quite a buzz in the area.

“As for the dramatics, it’s an end of an era. It’s been a dream of mine to get a record deal.”

If you would like to see John perform, he will be singing at The Old Inn in Kilmington on August 28 during the Jazz Festival. He has also joined the open mic nights on Wednesdays in the Axminster Inn.