Terrific trio will make a dash for cash to help animal sanctuary

Shute Primary School pupils Poppy Jenns, Paloma Moorley and Maddie Dowell

Stepping out, from the left, are Shute Primary School pupils Poppy Jenns, Paloma Moorley and Maddie Dowell training for a 10km run to raise funds for Ferne Animal Sanctuary - Credit: Kate Williams

Three primary school children have taken on a mammoth running task to raise funds to help local animals.
The trio of girls, who all attend Shute Primary School, haven vowed to execute a 10km run on May 2, with all profits to be donated to Ferne Animal Sanctuary, near Chard.
Nine-year-olds Poppy Jenns, Paloma Moorley and Maddie Dowell wanted to raise money for the animal sanctuary after the project suffered financially during the pandemic.
The girls said: “The past year has been incredibly difficult, not only for us humans but for the animals too. So, we have decided to raise as much money as possible for Ferne Animal Sanctuary in Chard by running a massive 10km on May 2. 
“It’s going to be tough but we are determined to complete it, we are already training hard. 
“This charity is amazing. Not only do they look after all sorts of animals, they find happy homes for them too with ongoing support if needed. Every year, they rehome 500 dogs and cats and they provide a safe home for over 400 farm animals and domestic pets who need somewhere safe to go for the remainder of their lives.”
A spokesperson for Ferne Animal Sanctuary said: "When our community reach out to support us it means so much! The funds raised will help us to continue to provide a vital safety net to animals in need. 
“Animals, who through no fault of their own find themselves in need of a helping hand, some care and attention and a safe, loving home.  
“Thank you, Maddie, Poppy and Paloma for choosing our charity and good luck with your training.  I look forward to seeing you at the finish line.”
The girls would appreciate any support via their JustGiving page, search for Poppy, Maddie and Paloma’s Fundraiser.

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