Sickness blamed for health store closure

Seaton shoppers see the funny side as sign goes up in Ryton’s window

A sign in Ryton’s Health Store at Seaton has been causing a few raised eyebrows.

It reads: “Due to ill health this shop will be closed until further notice”.

The irony has not been lost on passing shoppers, many stopping to have a chuckle, in the hope, of course, that no one was seriously unwell.

Nearby butcher Glenn Salter was amongst those who saw the funny side.

He’s famous for his comical newspaper contents’ bills outside his GW Meats shop in Queen Street, gems like - “Weetabix found dead on Seaton beach – serial killer sought”.

He said the sign on the health store door was right up his street – literally.

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Meanwhile a neighbour of the shop told The Herald she understood no-one was seriously ill, so people were free to see the funny side.