Sign vandal reported to police

Devon County Council takes action and says “petty criminal damage” could cause a crash.

A vandal has attacked the public purse by targeting ‘no overtaking’ signs along the Seven Mile Straight.

Devon County Council, which erected the signs as a temporary measure to improve road safety, has reported the “petty criminal damage” to police and says the vandal’s actions could have caused a serious crash.

“It looks as though the signs have been deliberately damaged and tampered with, so we have reported it to police,” said the council’s cabinet member for highways and transportation, Councillor Stuart Hughes.

He added: “The signs are there for public safety and petty criminal damage like this could cause a serious crash.

“It is essential that these signs are not tampered with in any way.

“I would urge anyone who knows anything about the vandalism that has occurred to the signs to report the matter to the police quoting the log number 176 of October 1.”

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Due to the edge of the road being prone to damage, motorists using the Seven Mile Straight are advised not to travel too close to the edges at high speed.

The council says the road is also too narrow in many places for overtaking manoeuvres to be carried out safely.

Councillor Paul Diviani said: “Whilst no-one wishes to see unnecessary clutter in the countryside, these signs are there for highway safety reasons and to maintain the current road edges which are prone to damage.

“The major repairs to the section affected will see their removal after completion in the New Year and I would urge anyone thinking of causing further damage to remember that others may be adversely affected.”

The signs are being repaired and will remain in place until scheduled remedial work is carried out in the New Year.