Plenty of case work picked up on campaign trail, but I'm happy to help

MP Simon Jupp out on the campaign trail ahead of the county council elections.

MP Simon Jupp out on the campaign trail ahead of the county council elections. - Credit: Peter Fage

Talking East Devon with MP Simon Jupp

MP Simon Jupp.

MP Simon Jupp. - Credit: Remy Osman

There’s been a distinctly political edge to the letters page and to the words of various columnists in this paper recently. Devon went to the polls last week in what was the biggest local election in recent years and the results are in.

I would like to thank you for placing your trust in the local Conservative team who’ve been returned to County Hall and will continue to work with me to improve the communities they represent.

As soon as restrictions were relaxed, I was back out on the doorsteps in East Devon to support the candidates who backed my campaign to become your Member of Parliament just a year and a half ago.

As my blistered feet demonstrate, I pounded streets in our villages and towns across East Devon. Often, I was greeted with a smile and a cheery hello on the doorstep or over the garden gate.

That isn’t to say that everyone I met was voting Conservative, but many were pleased to see their MP back on their street, asking about the issues which affect them.

No matter who you put a cross on the ballot for at election time, I’m here to serve you as your Member of Parliament.

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I picked up plenty of casework on my travels, with some people unsure if I could help. As I said on the doorstep, if you don’t know who can help, please get in touch.

If I can’t personally assist because it’s a council or legal issue, I will point you in the right direction and do what I can to support you. My office is much like a Citizens Advice Bureau, with a small dedicated team working with me to help you.

Next month, my office in Exmouth reopens and I will return to regular face-to-face surgeries across the constituency.

This is the most rewarding part of the role of an MP and although some of the conversations are heart-breaking, there’s nothing better than helping people who didn’t know where to turn.

For obvious reasons, you’ll likely never hear about the cases which land in my laptop daily from people living on your street, village, or town.

Some of the cases involve working with local district or county councillors, no matter which colour rosette they choose to display around election time.

It shouldn’t matter anyway, a problem which needs solving for someone should not be a political issue.

Sadly, this is not the feeling amongst all East Devon councillors despite good cross-party relations, though thankfully many do see the benefit of working together for the good of the communities we’re elected to serve.

Thankfully, the majority of councillors who regularly ask for my help know that I’ll support them to help the residents we both represent. I’ve offered a call with every new county and district councillor elected in East Devon last week. We need to work together, otherwise we will fail those who placed their trust in us, whichever way they voted.

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