Skip loss will increase fly tipping

Short-term saving will cost ratepayers in the end.

The loss of the Saturday service for green waste and large household items will, I am sure, have an effect on fly tipping in the local area, and by the increased numbers of car journey out of the town, have an impact on the carbon footprint of Seaton.

As it is East Devon District Council (EDDC) that is responsible for clearing up the fly tipping, we will almost certainly be paying in the coming years for this short term ‘saving’.

I note that the council agreed to the cut to save �134,000 per year. It would be nice to know the cost breakdown for this and who is making the money in running this service? Surely, the council should be trying to negotiate a better deal, rather than closing the service?

They further justified the closure by stating that this is an inefficient way of recycling.

They don’t mention that taking relatively small quantities of items, to a recycling centre, in a car is almost certainly using more resources than it is saving.

It may look good on their statistics, but serves no useful purpose.

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If you haven’t got a car, then I guess you have to get the council to collect.

Once again, EDDC can help out though at a minimum charge of �30.

P Savage