Smoking causes a third of house fire fatalities

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service urge smokers to take care when smoking in the home.

More than a third of house fire fatalities in the country are caused by the careless disposal of cigarettes, it has been revealed.

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service are reminding smokers to take extra care when smoking in the home and have issued some tips and advice to coincide with national No Smoking Day.

It says habits such as smoking whilst drinking alcohol in the home or smoking in bed are responsible for one in three of all accidental house fires resulting in deaths in England.

Although, the fire service also says the overall number of fires triggered by cigarettes is small, but more than a third of all fire deaths in the country attributed to cigarettes the proportion of fatalities is staggering.

To stay safe residents are urged to ensure cigarettes are fully extinguished and never smoke in bed.

It is important to have a working fire alarm and avoid using drugs or alcohol when smoking.

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Use a heavy ash tray that cannot tip over easily and never leave lit cigarettes, cigars or pipes unattended.

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