Sorry, Iris, you’ll have to wait under a tree for a bit longer

No cash for bus shelter in Honiton Bottom Road, but town clerk has taken photographs of the site - in case money becomes available in the future.

Although it is not currently in a financial position to provide a bus shelter in Honiton Bottom Road, the town council has not ruled out supplying a facility at some point in the future.

Town clerk Lyn Hargood has visited a site near Mill Water School and taken photographs - ahead of a review of bus shelter facilities in Honiton.

Resident Iris Danning has been calling for a bus shelter in Honiton Bottom Road for the past 10 months. Her request was recently put to members of the council’s policy and finance committee, when it was decided that a review should be carried out and recommendations made about potential sites for new shelters.

In a letter to Mrs Danning, Mrs Hargood said: “At a cost of �3,000 to �4,000 per bus shelter, I am sure you will appreciate that this is a decision they cannot take lightly as it would have a big impact on the precept paid by Honiton residents.”

Mrs Danning told The Herald: “It is miserable waiting for a bus in Honiton Bottom Road. All we’ve got is a tree.”