Speed checks to educate motorists in Honiton

Operation under way in Kings Road as the issue of speeding traffic is discussed at a Devon and Cornwall Police Authority liaison meeting.

WHILE the issue of speeding traffic was being touched upon at a police authority liaison meeting in Honiton last night (Wednesday), officers were out enforcing the recently introduced 30mph speed limit in Kings Road.

The operation continued into the night and motorists were still being pulled over at gone 9pm.

Inspector Antonia Weeks, who is responsible for policing in the rural East Devon sector, told the meeting that the focus of speed checks is currently on education and aim to act as a deterrent.

She was careful not to mention that checks were being carried out as she spoke.

The issue of speed checks was raised by Awliscombe resident Steve Brownridge, who said a police car involved in a recent operation on the A373 in the village could be seen from half a mile away.