Speed Watch team launched at Seaton

A Speed Watch volunteer monitors vehicles in Seaton Down Hill

A Speed Watch volunteer monitors vehicles in Seaton Down Hill - Credit: Archant

Crackdown on drivers who go too fast

The recent crackdown on motorists who drive too fast in Seaton has stepped up a gear.

Working with police, a team of local volunteers have formed the Seaton Down Hill Community Speed Watch (CSW) group to monitor vehicle speeds in their area.

And they have already reported some worrying results, with a number of drivers breaking the law.

During their first hour-long session, on March 26, between 3.15pm and 4.15pm, eight vehicles were clocked exceeding the speed 30mph limit.

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In the second session, on Thursday, April 16, between 4.30pm and 5.35pm, 34 vehicles, out of 202 checked, were exceeding the speed limit with one travelling at 50mph.

All the drivers will be sent warning letters.

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If they are caught speeding again, it is likely a police officer will visit them to give an official warning.

The CSW in Colyford is also now fully operational and the Rousdon CSW continues to monitor traffic on the A3052 where only recently 19 vehicles checked were speeding.

PC Steve Speariett said: “It is very disappointing that despite a lot of publicity, a number of drivers still think it is acceptable to speed on local roads.

“Not only are they endangering themselves but, more importantly, they are putting at risk the local community and visitors to the area.

“The neighbourhood team are very grateful for the time and effort that local volunteers are putting in to make the roads and community safer for all.”

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