Speeding traffic causing misery for Combe Hill residents

WE want a 40mph speed limit! That s what beleaguered residents of Combe Hill, between Honiton and Dunkeswell, told Devon County Council officials during a site meeting.

WE want a 40mph speed limit!"

That's what beleaguered residents of Combe Hill, between Honiton and Dunkeswell, told Devon County Council officials during a site meeting.

The council's area engineer, Paul Wilson, heard concerns about speeding traffic.

Residents said more children had moved in to the area and that the C class road, which services an industrial estate and Dunkeswell, was impossible to safely negotiate on foot.

It is also becoming increasingly difficult for residents to exit their properties in vehicles.

They were hoping a speed restriction could be introduced while the road is being resurfaced next month.

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However, funds for this year's road projects have already been allocated.

Mr Wilson is to take a fresh look at signage and white lines for the C class road, which services a large industrial estate and Dunkeswell, and will report back through county council ward member Paul Diviani.

It was revealed at the meeting that police officers cannot carry out a risk assessment on the road, because the route is too dangerous for them to get out of their vehicles.

Mr Wilson was told residents have been left marooned in their homes, unable to reach the bus stop at Combe Hill.

Children were being forced to cross the busy road at peak times to catch school buses and telephone lines have been brought down by heavy goods vehicles.

Devon County Council was accused of not spending enough on the road, but Mr Wilson said funds were limited.

"The first thing we can look at is the signage and lining - to see if it's right," said Mr Wilson.

"We will go through it, top to tail. It's not the first time we have done it.

"To say we have done nothing is not strictly true at all."

Mr Wilson said the county council abides by national policy for speed limited.

However, limits were reduced in sections along the A3052 and B3181 "because of the collision history on those routes".

Residents heard that a self-enforcing speed limit could be the answer.

District councillor Bob Buxton attended the meeting.

Resident Brian Lane, 72, said: "I have lived here all my life and so much industry has been allowed in Dunkeswell. Traffic has increased to a very high volume.

"I personally put in a new exit road to try to make it safer for ourselves and grandchildren.

"Farmers are scared to trim road hedges because of the speed and volume of traffic.

"We badly need to slow traffic down."

A further meeting could be held with local MP Angela Browning and county councillor Stuart Hughes.

The site meeting took place at 8.15am last Thursday, during peak time for commuter traffic.