Squirrels go nuts for Honiton

Rampaging rodent jumps on shopper’s head.

Honiton’s acclaimed town centre, famed for its small, independent shops, has attracted unwelcome visitors.

The cashless ‘shoppers’ have been causing chaos in High Street and New Street - raising squeals as well as few smiles.

Eyebrows were raised when a pesky grey squirrel held up traffic and then darted into shops.

The rodent ran amock in New Street on September 7.

Another squirrel caused similar chaos three days later.

Eyewitness Carla Salisbury was in a shop in New Street when the squirrel darted through the door.

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“It ran up the wall and hid on top of a shelf,” she said.

“I was a little shocked as it is not the usual type of shopper we get in Honiton.

“It leapt through the air and landed on another shopper’s head. The lady really screamed, but was unharmed.

“She was looking for a woolly hat, but nearly ended up with a Davey Crockett-style one!”

The squirrel disturbed the outlet’s window display before fleeing out the shop door and into the road.

“It stopped the traffic and amused passers-by,” said Mrs Salisbury.

Three days later, a squirrel held up traffic in High Street.

Squirrels belong to the Sciuridae family of rodents.

The family also includes chipmunks, marmots, flying squirrels and prairie dogs.

The average lifespan of a grey squirrel is six years, but most urban squirrels do not reach their first birthday.

Squirrels breed once or twice a year and give birth after just three to six weeks.

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