Standards and values

Where do we get them from?

Bank Holiday meant ‘cinema’ with family. We saw Brave and it was great; funny, clever, action packed and enjoyable. It also had a message: “be yourself”. It’s a good message, there’s no point trying to be anyone else, after all.

But how do we learn what it means to ‘be ourselves’? Where do we get our standards and values from?

Good parents teach us standards, schools help too. But how many of us get our standards, or let our children get their values, from TV or movies? From a world where, if adverts are to be believed, we must all look good, put ourselves first and get what we want “because we’re worth it”?

Christian faith says there’s more to life than that – that the highest standards come from God, from the Bible, from being part of a church and from knowing Jesus. High standards, of faith, hope and love.

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