‘State of disrepair’ likely for Holyshute

Plans for sheltered housing ‘will address local demand and help East Devon meet its five year housing targets,’ say Churchill Retirement Ltd.

The company behind plans to demolish Holyshute House says, if redevelopment is not carried out, the house and its grounds are “likely to fall into a deep state of disrepair”.

Churchill Retirement Ltd, which is a privately-owned retirement house builder, say plans to build 41 apartments will address local demand and help East Devon meet its five year housing targets.

A spokesman from Planning Issues Ltd, which is a subsidiary company of the Churchill Retirement Group, said: “The redevelopment of this site will provide a wide range of benefits to the town which include making more efficient use of previously-developed land, releasing under-occupied, family-sized housing for a younger generation, providing an improved vehicular and pedestrian access from Langford Road, and providing an attractive development in a sustainable location close to shops and services.

“We do understand the local concern about the loss of Holyshute House.

“However, if comprehensive redevelopment is prevented the property and its grounds are likely to fall into a deep state of disrepair given the huge costs of repair and refurbishment.

“By moving into private sheltered housing, elderly people are taking an active decision to secure their quality of life and independent living.

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“Without more private sheltered housing, a generation of old people will be deprived of the opportunity to move to more suitable accommodation.”