Statement too narrow’

I believe EDDC should be wary of adopting the Seaton Design Statement.

I believe EDDC should be wary of adopting the Seaton Design Statement.

With over 77 per cent of respondents over 56 years old, the conclusions could have been anticipated to a degree, and the weighting towards this age group seriously masks the real issues in the town today.

Two hundred and twenty one respondents highlighted the need for affordable starter homes and, given the small percentage of younger people in the town, there must be a very significant proportion in housing need.

The statement appears to pander to the views of the older majority, particularly on the west side of the town, which undermines it as a serious analysis of the broader needs of Seaton people.

Both major landowners proposing developments in Seaton criticise the Seaton design statement as being too narrow.

This was highlighted in objections to the Harepath Road development, where it seems at odds with other agencies who could see no objections.

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It needs to be more balanced and consider serious housing needs so as to not lose credibility.

At the moment it looks like a blunt instrument to stifle the growth and development of the town.

Darren Aplin

Harepath Road


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