Staying safe from cyber-stalkers

New anti-stalking campaign launched to mark National Stalking Awareness Day.

Police in Devon are launching a new campaign to increase awareness of the dangers of cyber-stalking - which they say is on the rise.

Devon and Cornwall Constabulary is launching the What do you know about me? campaign today (Wednesday) to mark National Stalking Awareness Day to urge the public to protect their identity online and report incidents of cyber-stalking.

Steve Slater, high-tech crime manager for Devon and Cornwall Police, said: “We know that cyber-stalking is rising due to the growth of online activity and more people are sharing personal information online, increasing the chances of them being a victim.

“We all use the internet and social networking sites in our everyday lives and add photos, and comments about our activities and lives. However, sometimes these can reveal more information than we realise and could be used by a cyber-stalker to harass and pursue a victim.”

He added: “Anyone using the internet should remember to be cautious about the information they add on line. People should check their privacy settings on social network sites and regularly search for their name, address, school and other personal information using search engines.

“Cyber-stalking can be extremely distressing and it is still very under-reported with many people suffering without seeking help.

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“If people are concerned that they are being stalked or harassed online we would encourage them to keep anything which could be used as evidence such as emails and text messages, and report any incidents to the police.”

For help and support call the National Stalking Helpline on 0808 802 0300 or visit Devon and Cornwall Police on

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