Steps towards Jurassic Coast Studies Centre, Lyme Regis

JURASSIC Coast courses are being run in Lyme Regis, with the first starting on February 11.

JURASSIC Coast courses are being run in Lyme Regis, with the first starting on February 11.

The Jurassic Coast, a complete petroleum system, is being run by the Natural History Museum's keeper of mineralogy, Professor Andy Fleet.

The course is being held at Victoria House until February 14 and is available to local people who can attend on a daily basis or residents who wish to stay overnight.

The pilot project is the next step in establishing the Jurassic Coast Studies Centre.

The courses offers a blend of field-based learning led by leading specialists in zoology, entomology, botany, mineralogy and palaeontology to individual students, special interest groups and to further professional development.

For more information, visit The Field Studies Council's Head Office on 0845 345 4071.

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Following courses include:

* An introduction to Fossil collecting 28 Feb - 2 March Paul Taylor, Zerina Johanson

* How to identify fossils 2 - 4 March Martin Munt, Zerina Johanson

* An Introduction to Microfossils & shell sands 4 - 7 March Adrian Rundle

* Soil invertebrates 7 - 12 March Paul Eggleton, Emma Sherlock, Kelly Inward

* Meteorites & early solar system 12 - 14 March Dr Dominik Hezel

* Introduction to meiofauna 14 - 17 March Tim Ferrero

* Introduction to Marine nematodes 17 - 20 March Tim Ferrero

* Geology of the Jurassic Coast 20 - 23 March Martin Munt & Richard Edmonds

* Parasitic Worms & Crustaceans 23 - 26 March Geoff Boxshall & Eileen Harris

* British Bryozoans 26 - 29 March Piotr Kuklinski

* Identification of British plants 29 - 31 March Fred Rumsey

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