‘Stick to your guns, EDDC’

Honiton residents’ association says it supports ‘no more cash for community centre’ stance ‘right the way down the line’.

Honiton Town Council’s determination to develop a �1.8m community centre complex in Dowell Street is “nonsensical”, according to the chairman of the Northcote Lane Area Residents’ Association.

Addressing the association’s annual meeting, Ken Sherman said: “The whole thing is nonsensical.

“There appeared to be an element of panic in putting the planning application forward.

“We support the stance being taken by the district council, right the way down the line.”

The association is backing a district council offer for the town council offices to relocate to purpose-built facilities at Heathpark and says the Royal British Legion Club should be purchased and turned into a community centre.

Referring to East Devon District Council’s decision not to give any more cash to the Dowell Street scheme, association member Syd Taylor said he had attended a cabinet meeting at Knowle and addressed district councillors before the decision was taken.

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“I was satisfied that the councillors had a good idea of what they were talking about,” he said.

He added: “The time has come when we must insist on seeing audited accounts on what has been spent on the project so far.”

The association agreed to:

l Support the district council’s offer to include space for the town council in its proposed new headquarters at Heathpark.

l Request a copy of audited accounts of what has been spent on the community centre project so far.

l Insist East Devon District Council stands by its cabinet decision not to give any more money to the community centre project.

l Urge Honiton Town Council to buy an existing building for use as a community centre. The Royal British Legion Club is the association’s first choice.