Still a chance for Honiton centre

Decision to withdraw land has been ‘called in’ by East Devon District Council.

THERE is still a chance that Honiton Community Centre could be built on land off Dowell Street.

East Devon District Council’s decision to withdraw the offer of the land has been ‘called in’ and will be reviewed.

A final answer will not be known until October.

“The decision will now be debated afresh by EDDC’s overview committee at a special meeting on August 19,” said a district council spokesman.

After the debate next month, the district’s overview committee will make a fresh recommendation to the executive board, which will meet on September 1.

The outcome of that meeting will then go forward to a full meeting of the council on October 13.

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l DISTRICT Councillor Bob Buxton was concerned to read in last week’s Midweek Herald that Honiton Town Council only found out land earmarked for a community centre had been withdrawn by reading a council publication.

Referring to comments made by Honiton’s deputy mayor, Councillor Vernon Whitlock, Mr Buxton said: “This is incorrect.

“Town and district councillor Vivienne Ash sat through the meeting of East Devon District Council’s executive board.

“She left for the vote, but came back in afterwards. To say they knew nothing until it was in a council publication is untrue.”

l Local businessman Richard Pinney has written to the Midweek Herald, praising East Devon District Council’s decision to withdraw the land.

Referring to the result of the town poll, he wrote: “When the people say no, it means no.

“Over the coming years, without doubt, we are facing sizeable cuts in public services and increased taxes. Honiton Town Council saw fit to try and add to everybody’s increasing cost of living...”

l As the Midweek Herald went to press, Honiton Town Council’s policy committee was due to discuss alternative sites for the community centre behind closed doors, with the press and public excluded.