Stop the rot at the Glen plea

Concerns raised over popular Honiton beauty spot.

A popular beauty spot in Honiton could be completely destroyed if another bout of bad weather hits the town.

That is the view of Michael Burston, who regularly walks through the Glen on his way to town.

On one of his walks, he was surprised to discover that the beautiful surroundings, lovingly enhanced by a small army of volunteers over recent years, had taken a battering during the heavy rain showers, which caused flooding across East Devon.

“There was a huge lot of damage,” says Mr Burston. “It is going to erode the banks away.”

He added: “It could destroy the beauty of this place. It is such a shame.”

Mr Burston told the Midweek Herald that the soil banks around the Glen had been eroded by the rain and he feared that further rain could damage the pathways at the site.

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“It does worry me that there is a risk that the little path could disappear and we won’t be able to get into town,” he added.

Mr Burston also said that concrete blocks had been washed into the river and pushed down the stream near the drains, which he said could block the drains if not cleared away.

He added: “It has still got to be repaired to make it safe. It is alright unless we get another storm.

“It could do an awful lot of damage.”

An East Devon District Council spokesman said an inspection was due to take place as the Midweek Herald went to press yesterday (Tuesday).

He said: “We were not aware of any problems at this spot, but we are sending an engineer to inspect the site.

“He will check what damage has been done by the rain and assess whether any remedial work needs to be carried out.

“One of the pathways is the responsibility of Devon County Council so, after inspection, we will know whose responsibility it is to carry out any repairs or protection works that may prove necessary.”

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