Stowford tribute

SIR - I refer to the Ian Skinner letter in the Opinion Page of the Sidmouth Herald of February 18 2011 regarding the future of Stowford Lodge.

I agree with Mr Skinner that this building was purpose-built for the unfortunate victims who are stricken with this physical and emotional disease, which no-one seems to know much about. There are two more identical buildings, one in Exmouth and one in Axminster. I wonder if they will also end up with the same fate as Stowford Lodge.

There are many countries in the European Union that have financial problems as well as Britain. Our ally from 1939-45 War, the United States of America, is also suffering from financial difficulties. I doubt very much if any of their facilities for distressed and sick people are being used to get them out of financial difficulty.

My dear wife, Sybil, used to go to Stowford lodge where she was well cared for two days a week, by excellent staff.

Unfortunately, she passed away on February 5, 2011 (I do miss her). We had been married 62 years on February 17.

Norman Grant

3 Englands Close, Sidford