Strange flying object spotted

‘Low-flying aircraft almost clips houses,’ says Honiton pensioner Alan Cameron.

A Honiton pensioner left his home to investigate after a low-flying aircraft almost clipped the tops of homes in his street.

Alan Cameron, of Hale Lane, is hoping Midweek Herald readers can help him solve the mystery of the aircraft.

He spotted two “very bright lights” in the sky over Dumpdon Hill on Sunday night, at around 10.45pm, and went out to investigate.

“It seemed to be some sort of aircraft,” said Mr Cameron.

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“It was flying so low, it was barely scraping the tops of the houses.

“It headed over my neighbour’s house, heading south.” He told the Midweek Herald that the lights hovered in the air for nearly 20 minutes.

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“Nobody can explain what it was,” added Mr Cameron. “I don’t think it was a UFO.”

He describes it as some sort of “fixed-wing aircraft”, emitting a low purring noise and says he found it “gravely worrying” that it was flying so low.

Anyone who spotted this strange sight is urged to call Midweek Herald reporter Katy Griffin on 01392 888485 or email

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