STRIKE: Picket line outside Honiton Hospital

Union members take part in day of action to protect pensions.

Schools are closed across East Devon and there was a picket line outside Honiton Community Hospital this morning as public sector workers went on strike to protest against changes to pensions.

Around five strikers, members of UNISON, were waving placards at the entrance to the hospital at 9am.

They were but a few of the millions on strike today as part of a day of action, organised by unions representing public sector workers.

Rallies were due to take place across the South West, including in Exeter.

Paul Maloney, of the GMB union, told the Midweek Herald: “Millions of public sector workers are protesting about the government’s unfair and bullying attack on their pensions.

“This dispute was started by the coalition government in the expectation that those who work for us all in our public services could be bullied into accepting their diktat.

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“This government’s vocal erosion of public services and public sector workers rights is in marked contrast to their complete lack of action over the out of control bankers and the obscene levels of pay to directors in the boardrooms.

“It is about time that the government started to appreciate and praise public sector workers rather than attacking them, vilifying them and kicking them around.”

Meanwhile, Herald reporter Katy Griffin has been out on the streets - asking local residents what they think of the action.

Find out what they told her on this website later today.

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