A Level results day: See how students in your area did

Colyton Grammar School students celebrate their A level results. Picture Rosie Parsons Photography

Colyton Grammar School students celebrate their A level results. Picture Rosie Parsons Photography - Credit: Archant

Students across East Devon, West Dorset and South Somerset have been collecting their A-level results today (Thursday August 15).

Ace Valley Academy students with their A level results (l/r) Courtney Hartnell, from Southleigh, who

Ace Valley Academy students with their A level results (l/r) Courtney Hartnell, from Southleigh, who achieved a distinction in health and social studies and is going to Bristol University to read mental health nursing; Anne Cuzado, from Axminster, still planning her next move and Latrice Drackett, from Musbury, who is going into full time employment. All the students are aged 18. Picture: Chris Carson - Credit: Archant

Colyton Grammar School (CGS) has again achieved excellent A-level results, far outstripping the national average for A and A* grades.

Some 66 per cent of students achieved A and A* grades, compared with the national average of 25.5 per cent. Overall, 87.1 per cent achieved grades from A* to B, with the school outperforming its results from last year and bucking the national trend.

Colyton Grammar School students who all achieved three or more A level passes (l/r) Charlotte Jane,

Colyton Grammar School students who all achieved three or more A level passes (l/r) Charlotte Jane, from Ilminster, who is going to read economics at Bristol, Lizzie Owen, of Budleigh, reading bio chemistry at Bristol, Josie Bennett, of Feniton, reading liberal arts at Leeds Uni, Katrin Aneva, of Exeter, reading medicine at Cardiff and Emily Rudolph, of Honiton, reading criminology at Liverpool. All the students are 18. Picture: Chris Carson - Credit: Archant

Fourteen CGS students obtained an astonishing four A* grades. Nine students are holding offers from Oxbridge and a further five have places on medical and veterinarian courses. In all, some 105 CGS students sat A-level examinations in a range of subjects.

Although every subject area performed very well there were some remarkable outcomes in some areas.

Honiton students L-R) Richard Kinsman, Fabia Cloke and Nevil Du Piesanie receive their A-level resul

Honiton students L-R) Richard Kinsman, Fabia Cloke and Nevil Du Piesanie receive their A-level results. Picture: Callum Lawton - Credit: Archant

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In English literature, history, fine art and psychology more than 90 per cent of students obtained either an A* or an A grade. In Mathematics 60% earned an A*/A grade.

In economics, design and technology, French, further maths, German, religious education and the extended project qualification, 100 per cent of students achieved grades from A* to B.

Honiton students (L-R) Jake Matthews, Amberina Askew and Imogen Lyne on A-level results day. Picture

Honiton students (L-R) Jake Matthews, Amberina Askew and Imogen Lyne on A-level results day. Picture: Callum Lawton - Credit: Archant

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Tim Harris, headteacher, said the results not only illustrated the fact that CGS is a leading school for scholarship but also that its standards are very high across a large range of subjects.

He said: "My congratulations go to our students and my colleagues - this is a wonderful achievement and I am delighted with yet another fantastic set of A-level results. "This year's results are even more impressive as they have been obtained against a backdrop of significant curriculum reform with the return to linear examinations and turbulence in the A-level educational landscape.

Huish College top achievers (l/R) Joe Waddon, Chloe Murrell, Hollie Eccles, Sam Sharpe and, Callum

Huish College top achievers (l/R) Joe Waddon, Chloe Murrell, Hollie Eccles, Sam Sharpe and, Callum Painter. Picture Huish College - Credit: Archant

"This success is due to the resilience and hard work of students and school staff.

"Also, I am indebted to the tremendous support of our parents. It is through this partnership and mutual trust that such outstanding results can be achieved.

He added: "I am particularly heartened by our results in modern foreign languages, an area which has come under pressure nationally this year, and in the extended project qualification which is highly-regarded by universities."

CGS remains committed to providing high quality post-16 education within East Devon, with plans to increase its sixth-form to allow more local students to prepare for A-level and beyond.

"It is furthering its commitment to modern foreign languages by adding Mandarin to its curriculum from this September."

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At Axe Valley Academy Year 13 students are celebrating an excellent set of A-level and vocational results.

More than 40 per cent of students achieved the top grades of A/A* or distinction/distinction* in one or more of their subjects, a third of all grades were grade A*-B or equivalent and over half of all grades achieved were grade A*-C or equivalent.

Some remarkable performances were evident in performing arts, ICT and sport, where all students studying these subjects achieved dstinction or distinction*.

A spokesman said: "All of these results are testament to the commitment of both students and staff. We are proud of all our students' achievements and wish them, our final sixth form cohort, the best of luck for the next steps in their lives."

Notable individual student achievements included Luke Young A*BB, and Madison White AABB.

The following students achieved Grade A/A* or distinction/distinction* in one or more of their subjects:

Amanda Apsey, Bevan Brignall, Tess Collier, Erin Crowther,

Courtney Hartnell, Layla James, William Osborne, Katie Richards, Megan Searle, Amelia Speers, Joanne Vigurs, Madison White, Oscar White, Brooke Williams and Luke Young.

At The Woodroffe School, in Lyme Regis, students again achieved an excellent set of A-level results

Some 31 per cent of entries were graded A*/A, 62 per cent were graded A*, A or B. and the overall pass mark was 99 per cent.

Paul Rowe, acting headteacher, said: "I am delighted with the success of our sixth form students this year.

"I am always impressed by the resilience of students who, year on year, manage to navigate the complexities of A-level study and attain outstanding results.

"It is great to see so many individuals achieving A* and A grades and pleasing to note the consistency in results across all subject areas.

"For a medium-sized comprehensive school in a rural area, Woodroffe offers an excellent range of subject choices at A-level and it is good to see students performing well in all of them.

"Once again students will be leaving Woodroffe to take up places at many of the best universities in the country and I am pleased to say that the majority of students met their target grades and secured university places. We all wish them well and are confident that they are on course to succeed at degree level.

"With constant changes to examination specifications and accountability measures, this has been a difficult year for sixth forms and sixth formers, and it is a tribute to the professionalism and expertise of staff at Woodroffe that students have been guided so successfully through very turbulent waters."

There were some outstanding individual A-level performances:

Maisie Bellworthy, A* grades in biology, chemistry and psychology, Tom Gillespie A* grades in chemistry, mathematics and further mathematics, Zach Chantler A* grades in music and music technology and an A in classical civilisation, Polly Howarth-Yates A* grades in chemistry and mathematics and an A grade in further mathematics, Morgan Carter A* grades in geography and history, Bertie Oldfield A* in Art Graphics, two A grades in mathematics and further mathematics, Tristan O'Leary A* grades in history, two A grades in English Literature and classical civilisation, Ben Plowden achieved A* grade in politics and two A grades in classical civilisation and history, Tom Ure A* grade in mathematics and two A grades in further mathematics and physics, Poppy Bailey A grades in art, history and psychology, Charlotte Chadwick A grades in biology, chemistry and mathematics.

A high proportion of students at a Honiton Community College achieved 'outstanding results', its senior vice-principal said.

Sue Manning said she is delighted about another 'good year', which she said is down to hard work, commitment, resilience and support of the Sixth Form team.

She said: "This is a year when, as fully reported in the press, A-level examinations have not been without issues.

"We would like to thank governors and parents for their continued support in all we do with Year 12 and 13 students."

High-performing students at Honiton include Jake Matthews (maths A*, physics A*, chemistry A, extended project A*) who will be reading mathematics at Exeter University, Bailey Bachmann (geography A, business distinction*, accounting B), who will be travelling to Sussex University to study business management and Chloe Keitch (biology A, chemistry A, maths, A and extended project A), who will be starting as an undergraduate at Exeter University reading medical science.

Jake, of Heather Close, said: "I am still deciding what I want to do as a career.

"I put a lot of hours in studying. I got my confirmation email from Exeter so I knew I got the grades, but I was nervous about knowing if the grades I got were good enough.

"I knew I could get good grades if I performed really well. The grades I got are the best I could have hoped for."

Bailey said he hopes to one day work at a small ehtical business.

He said: "I am not interested in corporate business, I want to work somewhere that is a bit more indepedent.

"I think I don't have the right personality traits for a big corporate business."

Bailey said he was 'quite nervous' ahead of results day, and had a sleepless night ahead of finding out his grades.

He added: "The exams were really difficult, accounding was really hard."

Mrs Manning said: "Two of our students have also been awarded scholarships from Russell Group universities as they achieved the highest grades in all three subjects. "The extended project qualification continues to be a strength - this is a strong indicator of a student's ability to work independently on a research topic of their choice and is becoming increasingly valued by many top universities."

Several students at Honiton who are not moving on to university have secured a range of employment.

Some have already started higher level apprenticeships in national, and local, businesses.

Selena Burroughs, director of sixth form at Honiton Community College, said: "The results achieved both in A-levels and the applied BTECs are a true testimony to the effort, dedication and focus that the students have given to their studies over the last two years.

"We are immensely proud. We wish them every success for their future and thank all the students for being part of our amazing sixth form community."

If any student still wishes to apply for sixth form, they can contact Selena Burroughs at the college to arrange an application meeting.

At Holyrood Academy, in Chard, some excellent results meant that many students met the demanding entrance requirements to study at some of the best universities in the country, including Bristol, Cardiff and Oxford. Individual success stories included Rei Yamada with three A grades and 2 A* grades. She is going on a gap year in Japan before reading theoretical physics and applied mathematics at Birmingham University.

Mar Mengual achieved three A grades and will be going to Exeter University to read history and modern languages.

Jake Coulstock also secured a distinction* and distinction in his double award sport diploma and will be completing his degree in football studies at Bedfordshire University, where he has also just found out that they have awarded him a scholarship of £2,500.

A Holyrood spokesman said: "We are also very proud of our students who have secured competitive national and regional apprenticeships and traineeships.

"Owen Llewelyn is already enjoying his apprenticeship at Crewkerne Aqua Centre, Ellie Dismore is due to start at Ashford Solicitors as a conveyancing assistant and Darla Sutherland will be completing a TA apprenticeship at Hinton St George Primary School.

"We intend to continue to grow the Sixth Form at Holyrood and are excited to be offering a larger breadth of courses this September to ensure our students are offered and are successfully completing the best possible courses for their future careers.

"We wish the Class of 2019 all their best in their next endeavours and just want to say one final well done."

Huish College students, at Taunton, who come from across the region, did extremely well with 72 gaining three or more A/A*grades, of which 17 gained three or more A* grades. Casey Williams was the highest achieving student with an impressive 4 A* grades in computer science, mathematics, further mathematics and physics..

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