Students get taste of French culture

Students from Honiton Community College during a recent visit to Strasbourg.

Students from Honiton Community College during a recent visit to Strasbourg. - Credit: Archant

Honiton Community College students visit Strasbourg.

Strasbourg Canal.

Strasbourg Canal. - Credit: Archant

Honiton students made life-long friends and developed their language skills during a cultural visit to France.

The students from Honiton Community College last month, visited Strasbourg, as part of an exchange programme to develop their language skills and experience life in a different culture, writes Katy Griffin.

Members of the group included Sophie Land, Ben Mason, Morgan Davy, Holly Miller-Ratcliffe, Freya Westall, Hayden Fenton, Rebecca Denslow and Schezhana Klimentanova.

They joined host families for their six-night stay in the area, during which they took in the sights of Strasbourg – including a boat trip, the Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Strasbourg Catherdral , the Musee de Loeuvre de Notre Dame, and Struthof concentration camp.

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Year nine student Sophie Land said of the Struthof visit: “The experience was altogether very interesting but incredibly sad for those of us who have never visited a concentration camp before and for those who already have.

“The weather up in the mountains was bleak and it was snowing. So the weather somewhat set the mood as we walked around the camp. Unfortunately we couldn’t see all of it because the ground was too slippery, but what we did see was well worthwhile and we learnt a lot.”

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Teacher Miriam Theeten, who organised the trip, added: “If you already have some basic knowledge of a foreign language, participating in a foreign language exchange may be extremely beneficial.

“It is a very personalised way of learning as an exchange involves two or more people meeting in their own countries and teaching each other their native tongues.

“This could involve teaching your partner about idiomatic expressions or helping them develop their vocabulary. For each piece of advice that you give, you get one in return.

“You also end up knowing a lot more than just the language. Discovering other cultures and traditions is fascinating and it broadens your horizons and opens up your mind.”

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