Students learn how to keep their cool in arctic conditions

Colyton students try on a polar explorer’s jacket

Colyton students try on a polar explorer’s jacket - Credit: Archant

Year 8 students at Colyton Grammar School take part in a Polar challenge day with a celebrated team of explorers

Colyton students learning about polar expedition equipment

Colyton students learning about polar expedition equipment - Credit: Archant

As temperatures plunged across East Devon, Colyton Grammar School students got some timely advice on coping with extreme cold.

They were taking part in a ‘Polar challenge day’ run by four celebrated arctic explorers.

Team leader Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop is a member of the Catlin Arctic Survey, collaboration between scientists and explorers who undertake field research on the icecap.

The Year 8 students learnt about teamwork, communication and leadership, as areas of the school were turned into camps where youngsters were trained to become polar guides and challenged to survive in extreme environments.

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The challenge also encouraged students to develop their interest in science and geography.

Evie Jones, one of those who took part, said: “It was great fun and I learnt a lot from it.”

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Geography teacher Pat Hickey added: “The day was a great success as the students had the opportunity to take part in activities linked to their work on ocean geography, and find out about expeditions from four polar explorers.”

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