Students meet some real high fliers

Youngsters at The Woodroffe School get a close up view of some of the country’s winged wonders

Britain’s biggest bird caused quite a flap when he landed at The Woodroffe School last week.

Martin Ballam, from Xtreme Falconry Ltd, took Brianna, a White Tailed Sea Eagle, along to show Year 11 students.

Other visitors included a barn owl, Cromarty the eagle owl, a peregrine falcon, a kestrel and Winston the American Harris Hawk.

Not only were teachers and students enthralled by the amazing design and adaptation of these creatures, they also learnt about the different ways they can be successfully trained.

With the opportunity to ask lots of questions and get fully involved, it was a new experience for them.

Mr Ballam said: “Having visited hundreds of schools over the past few years, it was great to be at Woodroffe for the first time. The students were brilliant and the feedback has been outstanding”.

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