Students pass the Bushtucker Trial

Axe Valley Community College youngsters eat live bugs on a fact finding trip to Paignton Zoo

Live bugs were on the menu for Axe Valley Community College students last week.

They got to take part in their own Bushtucker Trial on a visit to Paignton Zoo.

The year eight students were on a “challenge day” trip to learn about sustainability.

The zoo’s expert environmental education team delivered an entertaining, interactive workshop about water scarcity and food sources.

A highlight for many was the opportunity not only to handle various small creatures and insects, but also to take part in their very own I’m a celebrity… trial. The zoo invited students to sample a range of edible insects, which are a very sustainable food source.

Staff said the Axe Valley students were the first school visitors brave enough to take up their offer.

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But whilst the insects were palatable and nutritious enough, the young visitors decided that it was unlikely that insect eating would take off in a big way, any time soon.

* The idea of “challenge days” is to provide valuable extra curricular enrichment and developmental opportunities for the youngsters.