Suicide verdict following death of Axminster man

AN Axminster man committed suicide by overdosing on medication, an inquest heard.

AN Axminster man committed suicide by overdosing on medication, an inquest heard.William John Huntley, 65, from Lyme Road, took over ten times the recommended dosage of tramedol, used for pain relief.Mr Huntley was found by his daughter, Jennifer Ellis, and the care home manager at Magnolia House on August 1 of last year with a note left by his feet.He was discovered lying on the floor with head phones on and a biro in his hand.Coroner Dr Elizabeth Earland did not read the note out in court, but said: "The note appeared to be of suicidal intent and was in his hand writing."Mr Huntley, who suffered with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, had attempted suicide in 1992, the inquest at Honiton Magistrates' Court was told.But prior to his death, care workers and his GP had said he seemed to be in a good mood.Dr Earland said she was satisfied 'beyond reasonable doubt' that Mr Huntley, a retired petrol pump attendant and divorced man, had taken his own life and recorded a verdict of suicide.Speaking to Mr Huntley's daughter and son, Stephen, she said: "I extend my sympathies to you all and thank you very much for your coming here today.

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