Summer crackdown on drink drivers

Police warn motorists in East Devon to take care this summer and not put lives at risk by driving under the influence of drink or drugs.

THINK before you drink is the message of the latest drink driving campaign being launched by Devon and Cornwall Constabulary this week.

The annual drink and drug driving campaign for the summer is aimed at reducing the number of road traffic collisions in the area where this is a factor.

Inspector Richard Pryce, force lead for Devon & Cornwall’s road policing, said: “We know that time off work and enjoying the fine weather can lead to people having a drink and chancing the drive home.

“Please think ahead and do not risk putting your life or the lives of others at risk.”

He added: “As well as the potentially tragic consequences, someone who is caught drink driving faces losing their licence and subsequently their livelihoods along with the social stigma that a driving ban brings.”

Police will be carrying out regular breath tests during the summer and are warning motorists of the dangers of early morning drinking as alcohol can remain in the system long after you have finished drinking.

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Mr Pryce said: “The message to all motorists is very clear. Have fun, drink if you want too, but don’t drive. If you do, you will be caught and face a life changing ban.

“Alcohol can remain in the system for a long time after you’ve had your last drink, something many of those who drive the morning after don’t count on or realise.

“If anyone is working the morning after or driving early, please drink responsibly the day before – if at all – and be aware of the perils of driving the morning after.”