Suspected thieves arrested after Lyme police chase

Officer finds youths hiding in garden at Dolphin Close

A POLICE officer chased youths at Lyme Regis who were seen throwing leaflets around on Sunday night.

They had also been reported banging on windows in Coombe Street.

After a chase on foot, PCSO Luke White located them hiding in a garden in Dolphin Close.

The following day, two of them, a 17 year-old male and a 14-year-old girl, were arrested on suspicion of theft in relation to shoplifting on June 20 at a Lyme Regis store. The stolen property was located at the address where they were staying.

They also admitted to banging on windows and doors in Sherborne Lane.

Following interview, the two returned to their home town of Birmingham.

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Police say two other local youths have also been spoken to in relation to the same anti-social behaviour and enquiries are on going.