Learn more about the wonders of the Jurassic Coast

Branscombe Beach on the Jurassic Coast

Branscombe Beach on the Jurassic Coast - Credit: Archant

The ‘geological wonders’ of the Jurassic Coast will be explored in a walk and talk in Branscombe on Sunday, July 24. 

The Jurassic Coast Ambassador for Branscombe, Tony Lambert, will lead a short walk from Branscombe Village Hall via Manor Mill to the beach, starting at 10.30am. A member of the local National Trust team will give a guided tour of the mill workings. 

Tony said: “On arrival at the beach I shall enlighten you all, hopefully, to the geological wonders of the Jurassic Coast both visually and its development over hundreds of millions of years. After that feel free to enjoy some refreshments at The Shanty.” 

He described the 95-mile Jurassic Coastline as ‘a walk through time’, explaining: “As a result of enormous underground earth movements 100 million years ago the ancient Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous rock strata were lifted and tilted in such a way that these once buried strata could be seen for us to learn about its different colours and its many different compositions.” 

The walk and talk are free, but small donations are invited for the Jurassic Coast Trust and National Trust.