Teenager recalls 'terrifying' ordeal when car hit black ice

PUBLISHED: 17:30 29 January 2016

Millie's Vauxhall Corsa rolled over after hitting black ice and rolled over on her way to college in Taunton.

Millie's Vauxhall Corsa rolled over after hitting black ice and rolled over on her way to college in Taunton.


Honiton teenager Millie Quinn and her mum have spoken about how the 17-year-old's car was written off after hitting an icy patch on the road.

A young driver from Honiton has recalled the ‘terrifying’ moment her car was written off when it hit black ice and rolled over in morning rush hour traffic.

Former Sidmouth College pupil Millie Quinn and her mum have spoken of the ordeal to warn other young motorists of the dangerous conditions freezing temperatures can create.

Millie was unharmed when she lost control of her car on her way to college in Taunton on Thursday, January 14.

She was slowly approaching a junction at the bottom of Blagdon Hill, Taunton, when she said she was unable to brake due to ice on the road.

The 17-year-old had to swerve her Vauxhall Corsa into a hedge to avoid it shooting into a busy junction. Millie, who passed her driving test in September, said: “I have driven in flood, but never on ice before. I was on my way to college and I was early. Normally, I would take my friend in, but luckily I was on my own.

“It was very terrifying, the car was turning and I heard myself screaming. I got out of the car and I was hysterically crying.”

The A-level student, who lives in Sheldon, near Honiton, said she was in shock as passing motorists stopped to help.

“A man who was in an Audi stopped and he gave me his coat,” she added. “He asked what my mum’s number was, but there was no signal as she was with our horses. I couldn’t get the words out, I was completely in shock. My head was a bit sore - I banged it on the roof of the car.”

Police and paramedics arrived on the scene to help direct traffic and check Millie for any injuries. Her mum, Sally, described the moment she heard from the paramedics as a ‘mother’s worse nightmare’ and took to Facebook to warn other young drivers to take care on the roads.

Sally said: “You hear the word paramedic and your daughter’s name and that’s it.

“The police said that Millie had done the exact right thing and swerved to avoid the very busy main road with rush hour traffic into


Honiton PCSO Steve Mingo, of the town’s neighbourhood beat team, said: “Black ice is a very hazardous driving condition because it is transparent and harder to spot compared to snow or thicker white ice.

“It can surprise drivers who don’t realise they are driving on it and don’t reduce their speed.

“Some useful tips for driving on ice include leaving as much room as you can between yourself and the car in front, and if you do begin to skid try not to stamp on the brakes.

“Steering, brakes, gears and the accelerator should be operated both smoothly and slowly.

“Finally, only drive on ice if it’s absolutely necessary; don’t be afraid to turn back if you deem it too treacherous.”

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