Teenager rescued from landslide

Lyme Regis coastguards issue a warning to beach walkers after 13-year-old becomes trapped in mud

A 13-year-old boy had to be rescued after becoming trapped in mud following a landslide near Lyme Regis yesterday (Saturday).

The resort’s coastguard unit and the Portland-based rescue helicopter ware scrambled after calls for help at Stonebarrow Beach.

The Lyme unit – a specialist mud rescue team - safely extracted the casualty, who was then checked by the helicopter paramedic before being put into the care of the South West Ambulance Service.

Coastguards have waned that such incidents are particularly likely at the moment, as the recent heavy rains have made much of the cliff unstable, especially between Bridport and Sidmouth, with further cliff falls and mudslides likely. Coastguards and local authorities have placed warning signs in many areas, and are urging visitors to pay special attention to these.

The advice is “if trapped in mud, remain still and summon coastguard assistance via 999”.