Tell Liz if you want to save the 100 watt light bulb

EAST Devon residents who want to carry on using bayonet-style 100 watt light bulbs after 2011 should make a stand NOW.

EAST Devon residents who want to carry on using bayonet-style 100 watt light bulbs after 2011 should make a stand NOW.That's the view of Honiton shop owner Liz Denton, 47, who says people have been panic buying - after a national newspaper claimed the bulb is to be outlawed by the European Union in three years' time.Some national retailers have already started to phase out the bulb as part of a voluntary ban promoted by the government."What we normally sell in six weeks we sold in less than a week," said Mrs Denton, of RKL Tools and Harware, in High Street.She has looked into claims that the bulb is to be banned and says: "Britain has been told by the EU to look at the issue by 2012. That doesn't mean the bulb will definitely be discontinued."I want people to ask themselves: 'Do we want to keep the light bulb after 2011?' If the answer is yes, people need to speak up."Mrs Denton, who has never previously taken an interest in politics, recently found herself at loggerheads with Alison Seabeck, the Labour MP for Devonport, Plymouth, during a live local radio debate."I felt as though I was speaking up for thousands," she said. "So many people have come through my shop door worrying about where they will get the bulbs."I am worried an attempt is being made to phase the bulb out before the debate starts."A million voices in my head are telling me to stick up for my customers. I'm still selling the bulb. One customer recently bought 60."Mrs Denton, who also owns a hardware shop in Bridport, is not convinced energy saving light bulbs will help save the planet.They can take up to a minute to reach full brightness and do not work with dimmer switches. Charities have claimed the flicker can trigger migraines and even epilepsy attacks."They have got mercury in them," Mrs Denton is keen to point out. "People have complained that they have suffered headaches and other symptoms when they have switched over to them."I'd like to hear from anybody who has suffered any effect, no matter how small."Send your comments to the Herald or to Mrs Denton, in writing, at her Honiton shop.

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