Temperature unbearable at Honiton Sports Centre

Call for Leisure East Devon to open doors or install air conditioning.

I am writing in connection with an issue which I feel should be published about the LED Sports Centre in Honiton.

As a gold membership holder and regular user of their facilities, which on the whole are very good so I do not begrudge paying their high membership fees.

However, over the last year I, and I know that I am not the only one, has put several complaints to the manager about the temperature in the studio during classes. But nothing has been done.

The studio at the centre holds the majority of the classes and accommodates around 40 people. It has no air conditioning and two little office fans which are not adequate.

In the past, we have been able to open the doors and windows which have keep the room cool, but now, because of a person who lives on the edge sports centre grounds complaining about the noise, we have to keep everything closed. This has resulted in conflict between this person and gym user coming to blows in the centre.

Last night (Thursday) topped it off and I feel I have to speak for my fellow users. During a ‘Zumba’ class, the temperatures were unbearable, the class was full and many off us had to stop and were feeling unwell in these conditions.

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How can one person complaining compromise our enjoyment of these classes, people in the past have walked out because of the heat? This sports field and centre has been there for years and is used by many for football, the public and rugby club.

Why move so close to it knowing this may be a little noisy at times?

Come on LED, either put up a fight, give us some fresh air or get some air conditioning. It is the 21st century!

Let us get our value for money.

Kelly Stamp