Terror in Rowcroft Close: ‘I am not a sinner’

Defendant’s wife in the witness box.

The wife of a man accused of committing an aggravated burglary has denied lying in court to protect the defendant.

Bonnie Wilson appeared in the witness box at Exeter Crown Court and told members of the jury she was with the defendant when the crime occurred in Rowcroft Close, Honiton, on Sunday, January 9, 2011.

She said Wilson had not gone out that evening and he had helped her cover her new sofa in cling film and he had fallen asleep with his daughters.

She told the court Wilson had a number of different types of balaclavas which he kept on the step of their caravan or by a shed that were used when quad biking, going out on his motorbikes and taking the dogs out lamping.

Bonnie denied seeing a balaclava like the one used during the burglary.

QC Jonathan Barnes, prosecuting, said: “Everybody understands it is a very difficult situation with your husband being accused of a serious crime. It is not true is it - you were not with him on the late evening of January 9? You were not with Max.”

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She replied: “Yes, I was.”

Mr Barnes added: “It is suggested after lunch he went with someone else, didn’t he?”

Bonnie said: “He wouldn’t - his daughters wouldn’t sleep without him.”

Mr Barnes replied: “He is not at home, helping the kids at the moment.”

Bonnie said: “The situation has been forced on him. He would, if he could.”

Mr Barnes added: “You’re just telling lies to help him.”

She replied: “I am not a sinner.

“I have told the whole truth I can remember.”

The court heard earlier from Wilson’s mother, Rosie Wilson, who said on the day of the offence the defendant had attended her home in Ilminster with his wife and children for Sunday lunch.

She said they had arrived at 2.30pm, but said: “I don’t know exactly when they left – I was not paying attention. I sent him a text message at about 6pm and, by then, he had definitely gone.”

The court also heard the defendant’s daughter was seriously ill after being diagnosed with leukaemia and the defendant had moved out of his former address at Creechberry Orchard in Taunton to Chubbards Cross.

Mrs Wilson said she had no further contact with the defendant after sending the text message which she said was not unusual as after sending a message she sometimes did not get a reply until days later.

Bonnie confirmed she and Wilson had attended Sunday lunch at his mother’s house and said they left at possible 5pm when it was still light outside when they went home.

The trial continues.

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