The bubbly’s in the fridge, Vanessa!

Web poll: EastEnders character loses the plot. Do you sympathise?

EastEnders character Vanessa Gold stabbed at a photo frame like a scene from The Shining last night.

In a classic episode of the BBC soap, she lost the plot after discovering partner Max’s affair with ex-wife Tanya.

Already distraught, she was tipped over the edge during a visit to Max’s love nest - when she unravelled a scrunched up note left for Tanya.

Max had written: “The bubbly’s in the fridge.”

Dwelling on those words later, the normally immaculately-styled and ultra house proud Vanessa repeated them in psycho mode before trashing the house.

The curtains went first, followed by everything else in her path.

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“Calm down, Vanessa! He’s only a man,” countless viewers must have thought.

But would you have reacted in the same way?

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Photo courtesy of the BBC.