Cost of living crisis How Honiton businesses are coping

High Street, Honiton. Picture: Alex Walton

We asked Honiton businesses how the cost of living crisis was affecting them. - Credit: Archant

As the cost of living crisis in East Devon deepens, we have asked local businesses in Honiton how they are getting on with the cost of living crisis and whether it's affecting them.

While some said they are yet to notice a difference in retail habits as people look to cut costs, others said they appreciated how hard it was for residents and businesses alike.

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Tippi Tappi shop. - Credit: Adam Manning.

Caroline Mcjafar of Tippi Tappi, Honiton said: "I personally haven't noticed much difference, business still comes through the door and we just hope we can carry on through."

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Honiton Barbers on Honiton High Street. - Credit: Adam Manning.

Honiton Barbers said: "I think everyone is struggling at the moment, businesses and residents alike are just struggling with everything, it is hard."

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Bits and Bobs shop - Credit: Adam Manning.

Nigel Swinbourne, of Bits and Bobs, said: "Bottom line is its hard, you'll hear that from everyone here you speak to. Everyone is struggling and trying to make it through each month. It doesn't also help with business rates and parking being so expensive."

Luke Dolby from Honiton Tech Shop said: "(I've) Not really noticed much change, people always need phones or phone repairs so it that sense the industry is recession-proof."

Last week saw the launch of our new money matters campaign and each week we'll be giving out local tips and advice on how people can cope in East Devon.

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April 1 saw the first day the cap will rise - by 54 per cent - which will see the next bills for UK households rise.

Since the start of April, a raft of tax rises and reductions in state pandemic support was forecast to increase costs for businesses and, ultimately, lead to higher prices for their customers. At the end of April, we asked what local residents were doing differently since prices of energy and gas bills increased from the start of the month. This week we asked local businesses. 

If you are a local resident of East Devon or a business that is currently struggling with this cost of living crisis and want to share your story, we'd love to hear from you.

To find more about our new 'Money Matters' campaign see the launch article