The dangers in Dowell Street

Following a child being knocked down in Dowell Street, the police have warned parents and carers to keep tightly hold of younger children .

Following a child being knocked down in Dowell Street, the police have warned parents and carers to "keep tightly hold of younger children".

As a grandparent who regularily walks with my grandchildren on this road, I accept this is good advice. However, it does not address the root causes of accident risks in this street.

1. Parking in parts of Dowell Street has reached danger levels; double yellow lines alongside the car park/court should have been extended. Double parking on the northern (fire station) end is now very hazardous and will increase now that Oaklea is being yellow-lined.

2. The installation of a traffic island at the northern end has, in my view, increased the danger. Traffic now 'slaloms' its way between the island and vehicles double parked. Sometimes vehicles slalom at speed and cannot see pedestrians, especially children, trying to cross from behind parked vehicles.

You may also want to watch:

Recently, I saw an HGV driver doing this manoeuvre while using a mobile phone!

3. HGVs to and from the M5 are still ignoring advice to avoid this road. I recommend the police observe what I frequently see at school times, market days and rush hour in Dowell Street; HGVs trying to negotiate pedestri-ans, traffic islands and parked vehicles. Take special note when large vehicles and queues are proceeding in both directions. Note also the way traffic speeds up before the 30mph cancellation.

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Finally, add in those vehicles crossing the road to filter into Northcote Lane by the British Legion. A tragedy is waiting to happen.

I call on the working group to address the above hazards and the police and local authorities to take urgent action.

Tony Simpson

Ashleigh Road


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