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Devon and Cornwall Constabulary’s plea for puppy walkers.

THE growing success of Devon and Cornwall Constabulary’s puppy scheme has led to a call for puppy walkers in East Devon.

Devon and Cornwall Constabulary is casting a wide net to find willing walkers for its puppies, which are trained at the police’s Middlemoor headquarters in Exeter.

The dog school trains puppies from 12 months and once fully trained they will assist with tracking missing people, locating stolen property and chasing and detaining suspects.

However, before the puppies undergo their training they are reared in homes until their first birthday where they then embark on a 13 week training course.

All puppy walkers must have a settled family background, a secure garden and be willing to undertake daily exercise, grooming and care of the dog.

The puppies are placed with the walker at eight weeks of age and it is the responsibility of the walker to expose the dog to a variety of situations such as a bustling town centre, busy roads and rough terrain.

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Throughout the year the puppy walkers receive training and socialisation advice from the dog training school and can attend weekly puppy classes.

The force also pays for any food and veterinary bills during the year.

Anyone interested can call the dog training school on (01392) 452410.